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Keep Your HVAC System Running Smoothly and Prevent HVAC Repairs

Keep Your HVAC System Running Smoothly and Prevent HVAC Repairs

HVAC technicians may spend long days repairing ductwork, furnaces, and other systems. Some even climb ladders or crawl into tight spaces to satisfy customer needs.

Routine maintenance helps reduce energy bills, cuts HVAC repair costs, and extends system lifespan. It’s a lot like getting an annual checkup from your doctor.


While HVAC system repair costs vary, keeping on top of routine maintenance can help extend the lifespan of your equipment and reduce your repair bill. Having the unit serviced regularly can also reduce health risks, including mold growth, excess dander and allergens, and low air quality.

In general, you can expect to pay a minimum of $75 for a routine maintenance call that includes inspections and upkeep. However, the cost can increase if problems are discovered that require additional attention or the installation of new parts.

Another factor that influences HVAC service costs is the location of your home. If the unit is difficult to reach or the HVAC company must travel a long distance, you may be charged an extra service fee. The same is true if your home is located in an area with few HVAC companies. You can typically avoid these charges by scheduling your annual maintenance in the winter when most companies are off-season.


Just like your car, it’s important to service your HVAC system on a regular basis. This helps keep it running smoothly and extends its life. However, many people tend to ignore their heating and cooling systems until something goes wrong. If your system is showing signs of needing repairs, it’s time to call a professional to take a look at it.

If you are hearing clanking, rattling, or buzzing sounds when the unit turns on, that is a sure sign that something is amiss and needs to be looked at by an expert. If you notice any strange odors, such as mustiness or chemical smells, that is another sign that the system may need repair or replacement.

If the airflow is weak or doesn’t blow cold, that is a sign that there is a problem with the blower motor, a clogged air filter, or some other issue that requires attention. Weak airflow will cause the system to work overtime which can lead to higher energy bills and a shorter system lifespan.

Time of Year

Getting regular HVAC maintenance is the best way to keep your system in good working order. It helps it to operate at close to peak efficiency, saving you energy costs throughout the year. It also ensures that your unit is safe to use. Many home invasions occur because of unsecured openings; an air conditioning unit that is not properly maintained creates an open window that a criminal could easily enter.

The maintenance visits also help the system last longer. Dirty fans force the motors to work harder, which causes them to wear down faster.

If you’re thinking about replacing your HVAC system, now is a great time to do it. You will enjoy lower installation prices thanks to the shoulder season, and you can take advantage of equipment discounts that are often available from manufacturers. The investment in your HVAC will pay for itself over time through reduced repair bills and lower energy costs.

Repair Options

Whether it’s cleaning dirty air filters, upgrading to demand-controlled ventilation, or changing out ductwork, there are many HVAC solutions that can help clean and balance your indoor air. If standard tune-ups and adjustments aren’t enough, system replacement may be necessary.

A simple rule of thumb is that if repair costs are equal to or higher than half the cost of a new system, then it’s time to replace. Frequent repairs are not only costly, but they also add up over time.

When comparing prices for repairs, make sure you’re clear on any fees, taxes, or extra charges that will be included in your final quote or estimate. Also, ask about warranty information and the company’s labor guarantee. Having a good understanding of the process will help you make an informed decision that’s best for your business and budget.

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